BELLEJHEANELL_MONC_BOUTIQUEFor my birthday this year, I decided to organize a shopping event for friends, family and blog readers. After writing about Monc Boutique here a few weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect place to host a fabulous group of ladies. While sipping on champagne and enjoying sweet treats from Misha’s Cupcakes, we shopped, had girl talk and shared lots of laughs.  Guests included Melissa of Hardware Clutches By Mel C, Teana Woolcock of Love Unlimited, Rhonchanda McAdams, Lori of The Four Five Four and Shilesa of Hey Girlfriend.

I was lucky enough to have Studio 1812 in the building to document the event for me! I have TONS of pictures and be sure to check out this fun little video of the ladies and I shopping our hearts out.


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DSCN8092My boobs and I have had a long history together. Frankly, I can’t remember life before they showed up. Since they’ve entered my life,  I’ve had a history of struggle with bras. Unfortunately for us bigger girls, a large sized chest means that we get stuck with the grandma bras. For women in general, it’s seldom that we get measured (if ever) to make sure that we’re wearing the correct size. When Kohls informed me about their Perfect Fit Bra Measuring program, I just had to get involved. 80% of women (including myself) have been wearing the wrong size bra. For me, my size has fluctuated since having a baby and hitting the gym heavily. I’ve definitely been wearing the wrong size since having him.

So here’s how it works:

Head over to the perfect bra destination page which gives clear and simple instructions on how to measure yourself. Once you enter both calculations, it will then inform you of your correct bra size.

How simple is that? From there you can shop your size accurately as I did, from the comfort of your home. So simple, yet genius and effective! Measuring myself was quick and not complicated as I thought it would be. There’s even a step by step instructional video! Since wearing my perfect fit, I’ve looked better in my clothes and am finally getting the right amount of support that I need.

I couldn’t end this without sharing all the beautiful items that I was able to purchase in my correct size. Whether or not you’re curious about your bra size, Kohls has an awesome intimates department with a wide selection for a myriad of sizes. As you will hear me mention in the video, not only am I wearing the correct bra size for the first time since getting pregnant with my son – but I also have fun and feminine patterns. I’ve never had that before. Thank you Kohls for making our lives a little easier in this department.

PS: There’s a clearance sale happening on bras right now, I was able to save $130.00 !!!



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Loving clean and eco beauty, doesn’t mean that I don’t like to try new cosmetics. There’s a misconception that all green gals don’t love makeup or that we don’t expect our products to be effective. I’m here to deal you that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your products due to your health. Here are just a few products that I’m currently crushing on and can’t wait to try this Spring:

What’s On Your Spring Beauty Wishlist?


DSC_0005I’m not quite sure if I can find the right words to describe just how much my family and I are enjoying the Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller. If you follow me on instagram (which you should be by now), you know that we’re always out and about. We love being outdoors and spending most of our weekends at the beach. During the work week however, we try to squeeze in family time at nearby parks or walking trails. On this particular evening, we headed out for some fresh air before bed time to show off all the cool features on the Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller. Not only is this a head turner for it’s design, but it’s also the most functional piece of baby gear that I own! Check out this video of one of our typical evenings and see why we love our stroller so much.



Peter Pilotto For Target

April 1, 2014

PETER-PILOTTO-FOR-TARGET-SKIRT-BELLE-JHEANELL-Blouse: H&M | Necklace: Forever 21 | Skirt: Peter Pilotto For Target | Boots: Bakers


When it comes to Target designer collections, I’m always late to the party. To me, it doesn’t matter - as long as I get there, lol. I have a predetermined dollar amount in my mind that I’m willing to pay for clothes at Target, and I won’t go over it despite the designer on the tag. Just as I did with the Phillip Lim For Target Collection (and many others before), I waited until the items went on sale before making a purchase. Thanks to a tip from my girl Chanell, I found out that everything had been discounted and made my way to my closet Target!

The mixing of prints throughout the collection is what pulled me in. By now you guys know I live for a little mixology in my outfits. I tried on a few pieces but ultimately settled on the Peter Pilotto® for Target® Skirt -Red Floral/Check Print  ! It’s unlike anything else in my wardrobe in terms of shape, fabric and pattern – I had to have it. Combined with a crisp white blouse and my trusty boots, I thought this was the perfect outfit to co-host “The Lady Link” this past Sunday. We have tons of photo and video to sort through from our networking event that I can’t wait to share with you!PETERPILOTTOFORTARGET-BELLEJHEANELLBELLEJHEANELL_BIGCHOP_TWA_TWAHAIRCUTS_NATURALHAIR




BELLEJHEANELL_BIGCHOP_TWA_TWAHAIRCUTS_NATURALHAIRIf there is one thing that I learned after my last relaxer back in 2007, it is that I’m not defined by my hair whether natural or chemically straightened.

When I was pregnant, my hair flourished and I got the thickness that I’d been dreaming about for years. Like most women, it began to shed a few months postpartum, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, my big afro that I’d meticulously grown by soaking up knowledge through youtube, natural hair blogs and books had become a burden as a new mom. I didn’t have time for it. Wash day was such a production! Typically a Sunday, my husbands only day off work, I was tending to my hair. No matter what type of hair you have, it will take A LOT of work to keep it HEALTHY, especially once you get to a certain length. There are deep conditioning treatments, hair clarifying and so forth. I had a schedule for my hair (yup you read that correctly) that I was strict about and what helped me to grow my hair to the middle of my back (when stretched). Slowly however, I began to neglect my hair. It started to bore me to death, but putting in the work to bring it back to life didn’t seem that important.

I started working a few weeks ago which made taking care of my hair even harder. I’ve worn a few sew in’s over the past few weeks but they’re not really my thing anymore. Straight hair was fun for about two weeks, but it no longer suits me. The kinky line of hair that I really wanted to try is just not in my budget. Like…I’m just not going to drop a couple hundred dollars on some hair at this point in my life. I finally convinced my cousin to cut my hair off after months of begging her. I couldn’t make it to her for my original appointment and wore a wig which made me so self conscious. For a girl who used to live for a good wig - I realized that I over that too. I woke up Saturday morning and I just felt like it was time.

With every snip of the scissor and chunks of afro that fell to the floor, I felt such a sigh of relief. No more long but dull hair. No more sew in’s. No more wig.

I’m looking forward to enjoying short hair for now and growing it back healthy as ever. I’m going to take you on the journey to longer and healthier hair by documenting it all here on the blog.

I know that society has trained us to believe that only long and straight hair is beautiful but I’m a woman who doesn’t subscribe to that mentality. I define my own beauty – not magazines, music video’s or media in general. I don’t look for others to represent me, I represent myself. I’m currently entering a season of higher consciousness where I’m choosing to remove anything that doesn’t make my Spirit feel good. I’m at a point where if something doesn’t make my soul sing, I have to get rid of it – my hair and celebrity gossip blogs have already been eliminated. Who knows who or what is up next.

My coils haven’t been the same since I had my son. My hair made me miserable so I got rid of it. We all have a few people or things in our life that need to be cut off. For me, it was my hair.



LOUIS+VUITTON_FOREVER21_BCBG_STYLE_BLOG_BELLE_JHEANELLBlazer & Shorts: F21 || Blouse: F21 || Earrings: F21

Necklace: F21 || Bag: Louis Vuitton || Shoes: BCBG

Not sure if I’ve ever shared this before, but I love brocade! The Byzantine Era was one of my favorite fashion periods to study as a Fashion Merchandising major, because the pieces were colorful and intricate. When I found this blazer, I just had to have it! Realizing that there were matching shorts left me speechless. Do you ever find an outfit and you just know you’re gonna crush that day? It’s amazing how an outfit can make you feel. I love blazers and shorts separately, so combining my two loves with this intricately detailed fabric felt so right. I know it’s only clothes but an outfit can impact your confidence for the day. There are definitely times when I feel so silly for having a fashion blog. When people ask what my blog is about, I feel a little odd explaining that I post my outfits and talk about them. One of my goals however, is to inspire you to try new things with your look! Maybe brocade wasn’t your thing and now you’re considering to give it a try. Experiment and have fun with fashion! Also, don’t be afraid to combine your high end pieces with your uber affordable brand like Forever 21 and H&M. Mixing high and low brands is a great way to give your entire outfit a million dollar look on a new mommy’s budget :)



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Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller

March 19, 2014

QUINNY-BUZZ-QUINNYBUZZ-BELLE-JHEANELL-MOMBLOG-MOM-FASHION-BLOG-MOMFASHIONIf there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s that your baby gear matters! Strollers in particular are like cars - when you roll up in something fly, heads turn! My boy and I are constantly on the move as there is so much to explore in our area. From the beach to parks and everything in between, we’re always together on the hunt for adventure. At 14 months old, having a great stroller is essential for the baby, myself and the hubs! As I mentioned previously, Tutti Bambini’s Ultimate Baby Affair made me realize that I needed to step up my stroller game in a major way. The Universe was certainly listening, because I was contacted about becoming an ambassador for Quinny shortly thereafter. The iconic European brand has set the standard in trendsetting strollers – perfect for us fashionable and trendy mama’s. The Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller is where function and fabulosity meet! With all terrain wheels, you and your baby can travel in both comfort and style. My family is enjoying the smooth ride and unique aspects of this stroller that we’ve never experienced before – like having the option to change the way the seat faces! Genius I tell you! I can’t wait to show off all the cool features, but in the meantime check out the cool color options:

CV268RKB Buzz Xtra Rocking Black

Rocking Black (this is the color that I have)

CV268CKU Buzz Xtra Purple Pace

Purple Pace

CV268CKT Buzz Xtra Red Rumor

Red Rumor

CV268CEB Buzz Xtra Gracious GreyGracious Gray




{This is a sponsored post through my partnership with Quinny}


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March 13, 2014

FOREVER-21-PINK-BLAZER-MIAMI-FASHION-BLOGGER-BELLE-JHEANELLBlazer: F21 | Neckalce: F21 | Shirt: Banana Republic | Pants: Target | Shoes: BCBG

The other day, my friend Desaray and I sat for hours talking about our individual career plans. We both came into 2014 with a vengeance. It feels amazing to cross goals off the list, but it also comes with growing pains. There are roadblocks, moments of doubt and people who think you’re absolutely crazy. You can’t grow without rain, but sometimes it seems as though that storm cloud only follows you around. Returning to my first full time job in two years has proven to be a challenge now that I’m a mom. Couple that with trying to start a business, and being a wife, I’m overwhelmed. At the Mama Glow event, we learned that there is no such thing as balance. While watching the Curlbox interview with Lisa Price of Carols Daughter, she mentioned that we need to let go of the idea of balance. Lisa described her life as wife, mother and business woman as more so of a juggling act. It’s somewhat comforting to know that I’m not the only woman out there who wonders ”can I do it all?” and drops the ball in certain aspects of my life on occasion. After a few tears yesterday, I’ve decided to stop beating myself up about it. Afterall, things can we worse – I could lack ambition and not push myself. I’d rather experience the growing pains than being stagnant.
FASHIONABLE-WORK-ATTIRE-BELLE-JHEANELLFASHIONABLE-WORK-ATTIREBy the way, check out my interview on Caribbean Girls Unite where I discus my upcoming business ventures while trying to juggle family life. Also, be sure to get your ticket to mine and Deseray’s collaborative event, THE LADY LINK! We have so many fun things in store! Have a great weekend.


bananarepublic_bellejheanell_fontainebleaumiamiEarrings: F21 | Necklace: F21 | Lipstick: Glitz & Glam Cosmetics | Sunnies: Rayban| Blouse: Banana Republic | Skirt: Banana Republic | Bag: Michael Kors | Pumps: Burlington Coat Factory

I love getting dressed up for work. As Kevin Hart says, “When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good”. Despite the business attire dress code in the office, I do my best to remain true to my colorful and feminine personal style. Gone are the days when dressing professional for work meant that you had to be boring a frumpy. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe for work, here are a few of my personal rules and must haves:

  • Ditch The All Black Suit : Boring! Boring! Boring! Yes it’s safe, I know…but how predictable? Suits come in so many fun colors these days, but if you’re nervous about making too much of impression on the interview, try white or tan. In a sea of black suits, your sure to be a stand out!  If you do insist on an all black suit, try a colorful blouse on the inside, perhaps one with a fun pattern. Skirt suits are also fashionable and come in unexpected fabrics.
  • Buy Blazers In An Array Of Colors : I love a good blazer, I may actually have an addiction to buying them. From the classic black, to pink and even red – I have the entire rainbow. It’s a fun way to add a major pop to color to your outfit. Paired with a tailored pant, you will still appear to be professional yet bold and funky.
  • Fun Shoes: I keep my shoes pretty basic since my outfits are typically really loud. If you don’t want to be wear bright colors and patterns, a fun shoe is always a great way to go. It can be your statement piece for the outfit! Try a classic style pump with a fearless print!
  • Accessorize: A statement necklace or statement earring is a great way to make your business attire more fashionable. Statement jewelry is also a great conversation starter. As one of the newbies at my work place, many of my office friendships conversations have started with a compliment on my outfits or accessories.
  • Rock A Red Lip: Step out your comfort zone and sport a bold lip! I know that not everyone thinks they can wear a red lip, but you can! It’s just a matter of finding the right shade for your particular complexion. If all else fails, try Ruby Woo by MAC. It looks good on just about any skin tone from the ivory to a beautiful dark brown. If you’re not used to wearing a bold lip it may take some getting used to at first, but you’ll thank me later.

fontainebleaumiamibeach_bananarepublic_bellejheanell_stylishworkoutfitfontainebleaumiami_bananarepublic_bellejheanellfontainebleau_fontainebleaumiamibeach_miamibeach_miamifashionbloggerThese are just a few of my rules, but fashion is all about fun and experimentation. Find what works for you and walk with confidence, after all, it’s the best accessory!


Did you find this post helpful? What are your tips for being fly at work?

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