Having another baby was the furthest thing on my mind coming into 2016. My main focus (besides my family of course) was to create a career that I loved that would allow me to help a massive amount of MOMpreneurs, while upleveling my bank account to support our family. This was my “quantum leap” year. I was going to make more money than ever! I invested four figures into a group coaching program, I filled out a blank check with a big amount that I was going to cash by December 31st and told my husband that I was going to retire him by his birthday. I was lazer focused!

…then I started to feel tired. Not like, “Oh I need a nap”, but more like “Holy shit! Did I just hit by a bus? I can’t keep my eyes open”. I knew what it was…I’m pregnant.

While I was super excited to have another baby, I couldn’t let it distract me. I’d invested so much money in myself and dropped another God knows what on building my dream website. But I was no match for pregnancy exhaustion. Besides that, due to my pregnancy history, I knew that I was going to be treated as a high risk patient and given more restriction than the average pregnant woman. And of course came complications with the baby that I may share in a later post if I’m up to it.

As a coping mechanism to not dwell on this situation that I have no control over (except stress, I am absolutely not allowed to stress or it will worsen his condition), I decided to throw myself into work even more. However, some days have been so hard. In addition to having the normal challenges of being an entrepreneur (which is hard enough itself), some days my brain has been downright foggy from the hormonal changes. On those days, I just can’t think straight, not to mention that you can talk to me about something right now and I’ll totally forget within two minutes.

While on the topic of hormonal changes, the mental and emotional breakdowns where getting out of control. Thank God my husband has been around long enough to know when I’m totally out my mind and knows how to talk me off the ledge. All the normal feelings that one goes through as an entrepreneur gets magnified during pregnancy…

“Am I good enough?”

“Is this idea going to work?”

“What if I just spent all this money for no reason?”

So dramatic!

So how does one deal with swollen ankles, back pain, uncontrollable hormone changes and running a business at the same time?


The secret to balancing pregnancy and entrepreneurship is self care.

Pregnancy forces you to listen to your body and surrender when it needs you to. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s just hard to sit down and relax. Our minds are always going with new ideas we want to test and concepts that we want to implement. Plus, there’s always a webinar, or a free Facebook live training or something happening on social media. It’s hard to turn it off and just be present in your pregnancy.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I don’t know how we got to the point that I’m having another baby next month. However, now that I’ve stopped beating myself up about business and having tunnel vision about where I want to be as opposed to where I am, I feel so much better.

I’ve been nesting like crazy, doing lots of things I forgot to do (like register myself at the hospital to have the baby…I know, I’m crazy) and enjoy the last few weeks of just Grey and I hanging out before he has to share my attention with his brother.

Yes, work is still happening – I love what I do – but first priority is my health, keeping this little guy in as close to 40 weeks as possible and relaxing. It’s starting to hit me that I’m going back to Newborn Town where I’ll be back to feedings every two hours, diaper changes and lack of sleep.

How You Can Practice Self Care While Balancing Pregnancy & Entrepreneurship

  • Meditation
  • Rest When Your Body Is Telling You To (Hello Nap Time)
  • Step Away From The Computer And Unplug From Your Phone + Social Media
  • Treat Yourself To A Pre-Natal Massage
  • Pre-Natal Yoga Class(es)
  • Have a Girls Night Out With Friends
  • Read A Novel
  • If You’re REALLY Stressed, Take Some Time Away From Your Business To Align Yourself And Make Sure That You’re On The Right Path. Be Sure That You Want The Same Things That You Started Out Desiring And Be Sure That Your Goals Truly Align With Where You Want To Go In Life (I Stepped Away From Business For About A Week This Summer To Do This)

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Are You Currently Balancing Your Pregnancy With Being An Entrepreneur? How Do You Do It? Share Your Secrets In The Comment Section Below…

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